So, I married an Extrovert

Even half way across the world, he’s making friends.

Ten years ago, I would never have dreamed of partaking in an outing with several people (especially girls) I had only met a handful of times and some not at all.  I would have been caught on a Friday night at the movie theatre watching the latest romantic comedy with a hotdog in one hand, popcorn in the other hand and a large soda in the convenient arm rest cup holder – by myself, likely in a wool cardigan and a stoic countenance that told every passerby that the seats in the entire two rows surrounding me were taken.

By my personal space.

That all changed when I met my husband over 13 years ago (we’ve been married six). In fact, I had no idea what a positive impact he was going to have on my “I’d rather be alone ” kinda ways.  He is by all means an extrovert in the truest sense of the word. Talks to anyone and everyone in any situation or location. Just strikes up a conversation about anything to anyone.

I used to hate going to parties with him. He would introduce me to his friends or strangers and then I would smile awkwardly and try not to say something dumb about Star Wars or Morrissey or notice the person had pepper in their teeth.

He’s like The Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger is cool and catchy).

I’m like The Cure (I think Robert Smith wears clown makeup).

But somehow over the years, I have become more comfortable with being Mrs. “my husband knows everyone and will speak to everyone, so you better get used to it or they are gonna think you are weird.” Okay, some people still think I’m weird, but whatevs. Being married to an extrovert has allowed, (fine, forced), me to push myself in social settings where in the past I might have just stayed home with my cardigan a good book and my cat.

Like the one last night.  Hamburgers, fries (mine animal style) and old fashioned sodas capped off with a chick flick (just like my old wool cardigan wearing days) at the drive-in with eight girls I’ve only know for a bit and some I’ve never met.  Ten years ago, I would have missed out on an opportunity like that.  An opportunity to glean wisdom from women at various ends of the wife and mother spectrum.

Don’t get me wrong, I sill need plenty of time to be alone, recharge, read, write or even tell Star Wars jokes with my nerdy friends, but I am glad that I married a guy who takes being social very seriously. And guess what?  I’m rubbing off on him too.

Last week, he went to a movie all by himself.


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  1. Priscilla, you have no idea how much I related to this. I too would never have gone out with people I didn’t know several years ago. AND I too am married to a crazy extrovert (as you know). But its funny–I never would have pegged you as the type who’d prefer to be alone. I can tell you’re a deep and thoughtful person, but you seem so comfortable with people and like you could easily be the life of the party! I’m so glad you went that night and that I did too–I always come home and tell Brian how much I like talking to you. Just think if it had only been a couple of years ago, we’d have both skipped it! 🙂

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