Thirty Six

Hello there, 36.  What a great day we had together!  I am already feeling like I am going to like you.  Six is such a nice robust number.  Not predictable like five and not staunchy like seven.  Last week as I was spending my last few moments with Thirty Five, he pulled a really nasty trick on me.  I gotta say, that he and I had really been having a nice year together.  Pretty much with no incident (unlike Thirty Four, which I will gladly leave behind even though I truly respect what we went through together). 

Until last week…there I was in my last week of Thirty Five.  He and I had been working out and I gotta tell you, we had really been seeing some progress.  It’s the first time I had worked out on a consistent basis and I was very thankful to Twenty Two, Twenty Three and let’s face it Eighteen and Nineteen too for doing all the groundwork for Thirty Five to have “muscle memory.”  So there we were (Thirty Five and I) working out, feeling good and really enjoying our last few moments with each other.  On a whim, I decided to increase some of the weight to my workout.  No biggie, I figured Thirty Five could handle it.  He’d been hanging like Twenty Eight or Twenty Nine for a couple of months now.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten about the time Thirty and I got into a car accident and the painful neck and back injury we sustained.  Thirty and I both knew that my body would never be the same although we did a great job rallying because after all, we were getting married in a few months!  Funny, I hadn’t really thought about that car accident until last week when Thirty Five reminded me at 6:00 in the morning as I tried to get out of bed after our power workout.  WHAM!  Shooting pain straight up my neck and dull, aching pain all the way down my spine and settling into my lower back.  How in the world am I supposed to explain this to Thirty Six?  She just got here!

But alas, this is something I’d have to explain to Thirty Five.  Thirty Six doesn’t seem to care.  I guess at some level, I sort of feel like Thirty Six might expect something like this.  I mean she’s wise enough to know all about and how to survive Twenties.  She’s been through more than half of Thirties and she doesn’t really seem to worry over the small stuff anyway.  She’s more confident than her predecessors, she’s more balanced and focused and she has enough experience under her belt in one day to know that when it’s time, she will bow out gracefully to Thirty Seven, Thirty Eight, Forty and hopefully Seventy and Eighty.  Welcome home Thirty Six, thanks for sticking around so I could meet you!  Looking forward to our year together.


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