Things I Stinkin’ LOVE…and Why.

Hello there Kitty!

I was just thinking about cool stuff today. Stuff I totally stinkin’ love. I don’t even know why anyone would care, but maybe you love some of this stuff too (yikes) or maybe it would just make you think about stuff you love and why. I like to ask my four year old what kind of stuff he loves. He likes to tell me, I love to listen. Just today he told me he loves science and video games. Those two things are not on my list, but here’s what is (in no particular order):

Deion Sanders – why? to be that totally athletic and that totally into yourself! I think it might be stinkin’ cool to experience that at least once! I was close to being that into myself once, but no one else cared and I was nowhere near that athletic.

Scented candles – I cannot think of a better way to wind down from a day then to light a few scented candles. I am loving the new Yankee Candle collection at Target right now and I have always loved the Voluspa candles you can find at Anthro or other boutiquey type shops. Speaking of Anthropologie pretty much any scented candle from there would work too. Throw in a wool cardi and some espadrilles and you now have my nirvana (if I believed in that, but I don’t, so now you just have me hanging out in So Cal).

Jack Johnson, Matt Costa and Ben Harper – if my life was about surfing and playing the guitar I would be seriously bored. BUT these guys make music that makes that lifestyle sound so amazing that I want to ditch life, load up into a mobile home with my family and live on the beach. Paskowitz style. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but I could manage a really cool grass hut with some fruity drink, my husband spear fishing and my kiddos running around in sarongs and long sun-kissed hair.

Surfer’s Healing – speaking of Paskowitz, Izzy Paskowitz started an amazing organization that helps families with children who have autism. There is a camp at Doheny State Beach tomorrow that I soooo wanted to volunteer for as my birthday present, but I just couldn’t swing it this year. Mark my words, I will volunteer at one of these camps some day soon. I just think that what Izzy (like I know him) has going on is amazing and I love how the surfing community has wrapped their arms around this cause. Stinkin’ LOVE it:

4 year olds crossfitting – watching my son try to do a lunge or a jumping jack is so stinkin’ cute! He can do neither, but I love watching him try his hardest and then tell me “mom, I was the best at doing my lunges.” Yes, son, you were. It makes me so proud to watch my child do something that he truly enjoys and seeing him try his hardest.

15 month olds sleeping – my daughter has always been a tummy sleeper (I slept standing up with both eyes fixed on her for the first three months of her life). Now that she is older she sleeps in what we call the “beetle bug” position with her little booty in the air. I cannot stand how cute it is when I walk in at night to check on her and she’s got her booty up and her little stuffed animal snuggled in her hand. Redonkulous.

Singing at the top of my lungs – it just feels so good. I prefer opera, Queen or Disney Princess ballads. Only close friends and family have really ever heard this voice and I prefer to keep it that way.

Karl Malone – One time I saw him at the gym working out and I couldn’t look away. The muscles. The other muscles. Then the other muscles. I looked down for a second only to look back up and see even more muscles. I called my husband to tell him that Karl (like I know him) was at the gym and he left work and came to the gym to look at Karl too. I think he said something about the muscles…seriously, the muscles.

Hello Kitty – It is impossible for me to pass a Sanrio store and not go inside to have a look. I love me some Hello Kitty.

Well now, that was refreshing!


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