Mr. Golden Sun

sunrise over the Indian Ocean

sunrise over the Indian Ocean

I like sunrises.

No ill will to the sunset. Equally beautiful as the sunrise and both painted by the best artist in this universe, God.

I guess I am partial to the sunrise because I may have seen more of them in my lifetime than sunsets. I am just wired to wake up early. Kinda wish my kids slept in a bit, but it seems as though they may also have the “early bird” gene as well so we all just get crackin’ bright and early whether we want to or not. I’m confident that I get this trait from my Dad. Growing up, I always remember him up way before any of us were (early riser, yes. Stealthy ninja, no). He would wake up, run, stretch, get ready for work and then make us breakfast. Everyday. No, not just some days. Everyday.

When he had to leave early for work he would just leave something on the counter. Sometimes it was just toast with jelly or butter, but there was always something. These days my kids always get their breakfast too and whether or not I do, the sun still rises in the same way it always has and still brings with it the dawning of a new day. The darkness fades and gives way to soft hues of morning sky and the bustling sounds of the morning creatures – and my little family.

And whether or not you greet it, it rises still the same. You can choose to wake with it, or burn the midnight oil but whatever you do seize your opportunity today. Find out what gifts you have to offer and use them. Serve someone, forgive someone, be forgiven, raise your children well, discipline yourself, encourage your friends, swing so high your toes touch the clouds, laugh ’til it hurts or hold someone tight. The sun will rise again tomorrow regardless of your plans. Get after it.


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  1. Another great, well-written, and wonderful story. I enjoy reading these personal vignettes written from the heart, focusing on family, and always with a philosophical message gained from experience and shared with your readers. Keep on writing!!!

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