Feeling Just Rosey

We are designed for relationship

We are designed for relationship

So the final rose ceremony was last night. I know it is complete nonsense. I trust that any number of people on expensive vacations with no job to think of, no responsibility to attend to and a closet stocked full of extravagant gowns and suits loaned to them could experience “love” or a bunch of other emotions that feel a lot like “love.” Never once seeing a prospective mate with the stomach virus, stuck in traffic or running perpetually late may also help create that perfect scenario. I know. Nonsense. Yet, I still watch. The fun part is that these shows always spark fun conversation with my husband (yes, he watches too) and I and this past season there were a couple of departures/break-ups and of course drama that got us talking.

I’ll just get this out of the way first. We will never tell our daughter “don’t let anyone ever take away your sparkle.” I think that will suffice for our opinions on that piece of the show.

Then there was the Ashley break-up. I was like “what?” I immediately went into my analyzing mind and was like “okay, this hits on all her abandonment issues and her guard just went up. She cannot hear anything else and she just needs to protect herself. Because she is a professional organizer and probably has some serious control issues, she is trying to put this into a ‘bucket’ in her life and trying to make it fit. Sean had to break up with her, he was overwhelmed by her. He felt like the space he had to fill in her life was too big and whether or not he was consciously aware of it, he knew that he would never be able to fill that void in her life. They just wouldn’t work. She needed him to complete her and although he seems to be a huge rescuer, she did not have enough tangible vulnerability for him to make a permanent attachment. The other two are younger and he can still effectively rescue them.”

My husbands response was “She told him to stop talking. That was awesome.” Mer mer.

Then there was Lindsey. When Sean sent her packing, I didn’t analyze as much. I could already tell that Lindsey didn’t have as much depth with Sean as Catherine seemed to be gaining. I worried a little bit for Sean’s life because of Lindsey’s Army General father, but Lindsey seemed to have grown up quite a bit and her answer was completely classy and mature. Well played. I knew she was going though because she was in the silver gown. Everyone knows that although it may be a precious metal, only the people who win first place get the gold medal. Catherine was in the gold gown. Enough said.

My husbands response to my analysis? “She took her shoes off! She was too young for him anyway.”

Then we both agreed that although it is complete nonsense, when he proposed to Catherine it was pretty endearing. She was like that little cartoon cat from Shrek with her big eyes and the sweet way she was genuinely shocked that “this is for real?” She could barely catch her breath. Awwwweeee!

It’s not rocket science and most of the show is trite, corny and drama induced and the beginning of a relationship almost never begins like this for us “normal” folk – although there are moments of utter perfection when you are with the right person. But we all keep on watching, filling living rooms and sorority house grand rooms because at the end of the day people love love. Whether you are a romantic comedy junkie (aye), a Jane Austen aficionado (aye), you have ever declared Team Edward or Team Jacob (Edward), you love Mr. Darcy and are grieving Matthew Crawley (aye) or you are glad that Ross and Rachel finally end up together (aye) everyone – even the biggest cynics – love love. It is our God-given design to be with a mate. God said that it was not good for man to be alone and so he used Adam’s rib to make a woman and the rest is sordid, drama filled history.

Good luck out there, Des!


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