Enjoy The Silence – It Won’t Last

A very silent hotel lobby

A very silent hotel lobby

I have been silenced. I do not like it.

Last Friday I lost my voice. I think allergies is mostly to blame, but my husband is convinced it was from the Christian women’s conference that I attended. His version is that I was in the front row yelling “Beth Moore! Yeah!” while under a cherry coke induced, lighter waving like I was in the front row at a Journey concert circa 1982, spell. The other option is that the evil sea witch stole my mermaid voice and trapped it inside a little seashell that she wears around her neck to manipulate King Triton into giving her ultimate power over the seas…or not. I’m gonna stick with allergies.

Anyway, since I am just now getting it back after three days I have had a crash course in the virtue of patience and the skill of listening. I am aware of the collective chuckle that happened in my own home upon hearing the news that Mommy could not speak and therefore could not command gently direct my family. My kids looked at me like “what?” and my husband tried to assure me that if I just rest it and don’t speak, it will come back. Riiiiiggght. But what could I do? I obliged. Kind of. I still whispered to them what I needed them to do, gestured grandly, texted gratuitously and I sang their bedtime songs to them as whispers (which was kind of nice), but over all I just spoke a lot less. And guess what? It was kind of nice (insert collective online chuckle).

I know. I really hate to admit it. But when I just shut my pie hole for a few days, my family was actually kind of, how do you say, awesome (now insert collective maternal and paternal guffaw chuckle). The kids were kind of interested in the novelty of me not talking and my husband appreciated that I didn’t butt into every single conversation he was trying to have with my kids (if my brother and sister didn’t just fall out of their chairs, then I just don’t know). Silence is – in and of itself – very effective. I learned lots of new parenting tricks like “letting the children work it out” and “the look” and my favorite “Shhhhhhh!!” And even though I will carry these new-found tricks into my more vocal days, I will not forget that silence is indeed golden.



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