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Moments reflecting on the simpler things in life

Moments reflecting on the simpler things in life

Here’s the deal. I am a pretty serious person. For the most part I am always processing and always have a million things running through my head at any given time. My main outlets for this come in the form of exercise and writing. Both serve multiple purposes and have wonderful side-effects. A lot of the time my writing, particularly my blogging, comes in the form of nonsense. I love being able to make light of the situations in my life and be less serious about the minutiae of my day-to-day living. I love humor, sarcasm and things that just get my mind off of what could potentially make my day a very serious undertaking. I think introspective, creative types need the nonsense sometimes. It’s the yang to the yin…or is that yin to the yang?

Sometimes, however, I get the opportunity to write about people. People who have a story (don’t we all?). Maybe it is the beginning of their story, the end of their story or just a bit or piece of their story. It is a great privileged and honor to get to tell a piece of that story. In fact, even though it may seem that I just love writing about myself (touche), what I get the most joy from is getting to write a snapshot of someone else’s journey. To bring a voice to someone who may not have a voice or know that their life is inspiring and has meaning. Every single one of us…let me say that again – EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has meaning in our lives and every single one of us means something to someone else or lots of someone else’s. The ups and downs, the happy’s and sad’s, the heartbreak – but then the glimmer of hope and then the joy…all of that is the stuff of life. There is unspeakable sadness and deep sorrow in our world. But there is also uncontainable (is that even a word?) joy and bust open the curtains hope. Cling to what is good. Reproduce what is right and true. Multiply peace, courage, faith and honor. Value relationships and life. And do not ever let go of hope.

This ran yesterday just before the news broke about the Boston Marathon tragedy. I had an opportunity to interview Rebecca by phone and was so inspired by her courage. The value she placed on her team and the others in the vehicle with her and her passion to pursue something she loves and wants to multiply in others is the stuff of life.


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