If You Give a Mom a Kettlebell

To Laura Numeroff, thanks for the inspiration. To CrossFit, thanks for the perspiration.

Yes, it appears that I have lost my mind. But for reals, there are some mama’s who CrossFit that are just amazing. I love seeing people dig deep, push themselves and rise to challenges. It is inspiring. I dedicate this post to those awesome mama’s!

If you give a mom a kettlebell, she is going to want to swing it.

Ten, fifteen, maybe twenty times. Swinging the kettlebell will remind her that she needs to work on her kipping pull-up, so she’ll run over to the pull-up bar, chalk up her hands and get in a few pull-ups.

While she is on the pull-up bar she will have a bird’s eye view of the rowing machines and will want to get in a 200, 300 maybe 400 meter row. Being on the rower will remind her that she still has chalk on her hands, so she’ll want to do a couple of rope climbs.

She will walk over to the ropes and realize that she doesn’t want to climb the rope at all, but that she would rather jump it.

She will grab her jump rope and start with singles, then one leg at a time, then alternating legs until finally she ends up working on her double-unders. Jumping rope will remind her that she is indeed a mother and that will be enough of that.

When she puts her rope away, she will hear one of the coaches say “grab a bar” so she’ll grab a bar and begin warming up. She will jerk, snatch, clean and squat. Then she will add weight and finish the warm-up. Lifting the weights and putting in some hard work will boost her self-confidence, so she will grab some socks, go back to the ropes and get in two great climbs.

After climbing the rope her confidence will be through the roof so she will head over to the wall and work on hand stand push-ups. After working on HSPU’s, her confidence will be restored to normal levels so she will grab some dumbbells and do a 100 meter walking lunge. After she puts the dumbbells away, she will be right near the kettlebells.

And chances are if she is near the kettlebells, she is going to want to swing them.


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