CrossFit “Selfie” Christmas Card Ideas – Seriousness Not Included

Can you pull-up on a beach, in a house, with a mouse?

It’s the holidays and your mail box is surely starting to fill up with photo cards of loved ones, family members and friends. It’s always so much fun to open those envelopes postmarked with a handwritten note and addressed just for you. It’s the best time of year for mail – besides your birthday week, of course. In case you haven’t gotten started on your photo cards yet here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

In honor of the Oxford Dictionary Word the Year for 2013, I bring you CrossFit Selfie Christmas Card ideas. You’re welcome.

  1. The Handstand – One handed, two-handed, holding hands handed. On a beach, in a house, at the park! It’s like a “Sam I am” Christmas card that will leave the recipient thinking “I like those handstands, yes I do! Thank you, thank you CrossFit You!”
  2. The Rope Climb – Whether you were a gym class hero or a gym class zero once you’ve climbed that rope, you should memorialize it in a selfie. I recommend having someone on the ground actually take the picture but climb away and watch your Holiday card list of recipients be amazed at your super human strength!
  3. CrossFit Battle Scars – Tread lightly my friends. The battle scar card may be a bit off-putting. While you may have earned those torn up hands doing a MURPH or that rope burn on a day you forgot your socks, others may have a hard time opening a card with your scars on it. If your recipient list is hard-core or isn’t queasy, knock yourself out. Not really, don’t really knock yourself out.
  4. The Pull-Up – Do you remember your first pull-up? It was amazing, right? Why not share that joy with your address book? The pull-up says “look, I’m strong enough to do one of those Marine assessments at the fitness expo so Merry Christmas!”
  5. The Ab Shot – Nothing says Happy Holidays and Happy New Year like a set of rock hard abs in your face. Remove shirt (girls keep the sports bra on), flex and shoot. Done. Easy peasy, lemon squeasy.
  6. Duck Face Ab Shot – Unlike the regular ab shot, this selfie includes your abs and your face. Be sure and pucker up real good, tilt your head slightly to one side, lift both eyebrows as if to say “oh-kay?” and flex that six pack. Do not attempt if you have self-esteem.
  7. Before and After – A great option for the New Year’s card if you go that route. This photo card shows your old bloated and pasty self, wearing Sponge Bob Square shorts and an ill-fitting t-shirt on the left side and a super-hot, short-short wearing, ab-showing, quad flexing, lean, tan, paleo machine on the right. It says “I CrossFit” without actually saying “I CrossFit.” Singles, this might be your best option. Just sayin’.
  8. The Snatch – Never mind.
  9. The Muscle Up – This is a tricky selfie to catch. First of all, no one in the normal world even knows what a muscle up is let alone what a photo of it looks like. If you get the post muscle-up picture, people will think “so what, big deal they are just flexing on those rings.” If you get the mid muscle up picture it pretty much looks like someone giving birth and that’s just not pretty. Best option is to do a three-frame photo card with the pre, mid and post muscle up in a progression sequence. It’s like you just gave birth to a muscle up and who wouldn’t appreciate that in their mailbox at Christmas? Note: send only to CrossFit friends, everyone else will think you are weird.
  10. The Kettlebell Swing – Everyone loves the circus! Put on your favorite striped wrestling onesie and swing, swing, swing away! Men, facial hair and twirly moustaches will help. Ladies, actually ladies let’s just leave this one to the men.

There you have it. Better get those camera phones and shutters clicking. Times a wastin’!

Happy WODlidays to you all!

Lindsay Valenzuela nails the ab shot - yeah, I was that close.

Lindsay Valenzuela nails the ab shot – yeah, I was that close.


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