Thorns: Thort and Thweet

I am likely someone's thorn #ilikepaul #hegetsme

I am likely someone’s thorn

Thorns. Prick.

I am incredibly grateful for the “thorns” in my life that have helped me develop patience and understand God’s grace. I am far from my destination and far from the full understanding of these virtues, but I am grateful for the thorns I have now and will likely have for the remainder of my days. I am grateful to know that once you get past all the thorns on the stem, there is a beautiful rose at the top. I could not buy that kind of wisdom and I could not learn it overnight. It takes thorns to develop that kind of wisdom and it takes God’s grace to take the edge off so that over time, I learn how to respond.

I’m kinda stoked about God’s grace. Without it, I’m just a thorn.


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