Take That 2014

I'm going old school in 2014

I’m going old school in 2014


Two days ago we ran out of dishwashing detergent. Not dish soap, but the detergent you put in the dishwasher (in case there are those among you who may have been cloudy on the issue, thought I would clear that up).

If there is one thing I hate more than my two year old having an ear infection on New Year’s Eve rendering all of us sleepless and then driving her first thing to Urgent Care on New Year’s Day, it is grocery shopping. Okay, that’s probably a lot further down on the list but I really don’t like to grocery shop.

Anyway, long story short, I didn’t get the dishwashing detergent – even though I had more than ample opportunity to procure it at the drug store while I waited for her prescription to be filled. I just plain forgot it. Two days later, we still had dishes in the dishwasher and they were beginning to spill over into the sink. Quite frankly I was kind of sick of looking at them and felt strangely compelled to do something about it. So I did.

I washed all of those dishes in the sink. By hand. Then, I did the unthinkable. I started pulling out all of the dishes previously loaded into the dishwasher and I started washing them too. You know what? I kind of like it (and I call myself a Christian!). But I did have a thought. What if I just washed all the dishes by hand after we used them after each meal instead of putting them in an electric washing holding cell? Novel idea, right?

So here’s to kickin’ 2014 in the pants. Here’s to thinking outside the box (er, sink) and just getting stuff done. My life is lived in the valley, not on the mountain top and although I have had my share of mountain top experiences, my primary purpose this year is to live my life each and every day with purpose, peace and patience.

If that means I do my dishes by hand then so be it. Cheers to all of my goals big and small this year! #takethat2014


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