I Signed Up For Everything?

New perspective from timeless words.

New perspective from timeless words.

I knew it right away. 2014 isn’t going to be “my year.”

On New Year’s Day I sifted aimlessly through the tweets and status updates of all the eager ones who had big plans and who were going to have the best year ever. I’ve had years like that. I think my 20’s were the best decade ever. But this year it just felt different. I felt it as we rounded Christmas and slid into New Year’s Eve. And when I was driving around a ghost town on New Year’s day trying to find an urgent car for my daughter who was up all night with an ear infection, yeah, I felt it then too.

It was just this kind of sneaking suspicion that 2014 is going to be a rebuilding year. You know, we have some great recruits in and a couple of changes in staff – we just need to develop the young athletes and get all the coaches on board as we figure out our new team dynamic. It’s not usually a good thing when you hear teams talk about rebuilding. As much as they use that term to sound positive, every avid fan knows that this year is gonna stink to high heaven. But what fans over look is that during the season of rebuilding there is a great amount of restoration that is happening as well. Players are getting stronger, coaches are teeming with new ideas and strategy and fans…well, the fans will come around. They always do.

Now, lest you think that this means I will sit idly by and wait for this year to “happen” to me, then you don’t know much about me at all. What rebuilding means to me is an intense year for listening. A year for refining, shaping, learning and praying. A year for me to get a wrangle on my severely over-functioning impatience gene. A year for implementing small doses of purpose each day versus one big grand gesture of purpose every few weeks. A year for reflection and action. A year for restoration.

Whenever I am at a loss for what to do, I just start doing a bunch of things and let time and energy sort it out for me. I still haven’t hit my stride this year, but I have signed up for everything that has come my way: Paleo Challenge, CrossFit Open, Storyline Conference, Circle of Honor ceremony and Systematic Theology and we’re not even in February yet people. I am truly at my best when I am learning, taking in information and collaborating with others. I am a seeker by nature and a dreamer by heart and although I don’t plan on knocking anything out of the ballpark this year, I do plan on taking every swing, hitting every ball and running every base. Y’all, I am just getting started.

Let the rebuild begin.


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