This Post Almost Didn’t Make It

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth - and this tree

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth – and this tree

I almost decided not to write this post. I almost didn’t write it because as soon as my mom sees this she is going to be worried sick about us every time we get in the car. And we get in the car a lot. But as with everything I write, there is just this nagging that will not relent until I get it out. So here goes.

Yesterday after a taking my daughter to the doctor, we were driving home as usual. No biggie. Just on the freeway.

I had the radio on and I was chatting with my daughter about nothing really. She would ask a question. I would answer it.

I make a habit of keeping my phone in the center console or face down on the seat next to me. I keep my hands at 10 and 2 and I drive the speed limit. Really, anyone who knows me knows I drive like it’s a Sunday drive every day. I am pretty much never in a hurry when I am driving – yes, that annoying person in front of you is me. All this to say that I was not distracted in the slightest. Anyway, out of nowhere, and I truly mean this…this woman swerves into my lane and slams on her breaks. I reacted quickly and hit my brakes and quickly moved into the lane to the left of me. I was mere inches from ending up in the back seat of this woman’s car.

It was scary.

After my heart stopped pounding and I collected myself I let out a huge sigh and said “Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.”

I meant those words.

I know sometimes people say “thank you, Lord” and just mean it as an expression, but I was literally, figuratively and spiritually giving thanks. Because I know who is in control. I spent the rest of my drive home thinking about all the things God does in a day that we never pause to give thanks for. I think of all the things people like to pass off as luck or coincidence. I think of the ways people like to pretend they are in control or that the Universe has something to say to them. I prefer to worship the one who actually created the universe because in my book, God trumps the Universe by the very fact that he made it. You only have to read the first sentence of the entire bible to get this.

I realize that this kind of belief system is something that is quickly fading in our fast food, self-serving society. We don’t want to have faith in God because we want things…now. It is much easier to just be a “good person” or have a good family and do good things or control everything ourselves. I am one of those who firmly believes that you have to go after the things you want and you have to work hard and never give up. That is until God tells you (and He does tell you) to “back up already, I got this.” So, I totally get the urge to just take matters into my own hands. It works for a while, I guess. I’ve been there. I still get there.

But yesterday reminded me again that our time on this Earth is not known. What we do with that time is truly in God’s hands.

I hear my phone ringing…must be my mom.


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