I…AM (and that’s it)

My kids named this flower "Barbara"

My kids named this flower “Barbara”

I have one of those names that people get wrong on a consistent basis.

It’s Priscilla. Like Presley. Like Elvis Presley.

Never mind.

Most of the time I get Patricia or Crystal, but sometimes people get it really wrong. Like the time I worked in accounts payable and introduced myself over the phone as “Priscilla” and the receptionist actually said (I kid you not):

Receptionist: “Did you say Bruce Willis?

Me (thinking): Yes, Bruce Willis. It’s definitely Bruce Willis.

I started laughing so hard, I had to hang up. True story.

When they do get it right, it’s usually spelled wrong and after a while I just stopped correcting it. It’s even spelled wrong on one of my banking cards. Whatevs.

But it’s just a little spelling error, right? Not so much. Our need to be known is great. We are designed for relationship and therefore, we are designed with the desire to be known – whether we are consciously aware of that desire or not.

So it would make sense that after years of people misspelling my name and calling me Bruce Willis, I would want to declare my namesake! Look at what I put on the following “Sentence Completion” sheet in my Testing and Assessment class for my master’s program in Clinical Psychology.

Note: crazy Psych. teachers always have something up their sleeve. You don’t just do your work and get your degree in Clinical Psychology without processing the bejangles out of every last detail of your life while you are in the program. It is both maddening and completely necessary.

#36 says "I secretly want to be Cameron Diaz" - oh to be 26 again.

#36 says “I secretly want to be Cameron Diaz” – oh to be 26 again.

See that? See my desire to be known?

I am sure there are a million answers that could go in that blank, but I declared my name and just my name. I am Priscilla.

It reminds me of someone else who has declared my name. Jesus.

Jesus has declared my name. God has written my name in the Book of Life and he has never gotten it wrong. He has never called me Patricia, Crystal and not ever once…Bruce Willis.

He knows me by name. He never gets it wrong and he never slanders it.

So when I call myself lazy, distracted, unorganized, not worthy, unprepared, weak, jealous, over-committed, crabby, ashamed, embarrassed or prideful…

Jesus calls me forgiven. God calls me sanctified and I am free to call myself saved.

p.s. I loved my crazy grad psych. teachers. They taught me a lot about psychology and how to be a therapist, but they also taught me a lot about grace.


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