What Disney Food Item Are You?

Apples anyone?

Apples anyone?

I got Mrs. Roper on the “What 1970’s TV Sitcom Landlord Are You?”

I have always wanted to take one of those quizzes. They have them for everything. I like the idea of knowing “Which Finger on the Left Hand Are You?” but just haven’t found the time to take that one yet.

Being at Disneyland this week, I felt like maybe I should take one of those quizzes and find out which Pixar Princess, Classic Disney Princess, Disney Mouse, Disney Character in a Skirt, Disney Villain or Disney Park Food Item I am. Churro, thank you very much.

What I realized is that depending on the time of day, I am a different character altogether. Not just one. So I bring you “What Disney Character Are You at Various Times of the Day at the Happiest Place on Earth?”

This might get weird, but try to follow along:

CRACK OF DAWN, PRE-COFFEE: Cruella DeVille. Wiry hair, bags, grumbling, growl faced and sort of wanting to turn puppies into coats. No further explanation needed. Coffee. Stat.

STILL EARLY, POST-COFFEE: Lightning McQueen. I am speed. 42 losers, 1 winner. I eat losers for breakfast. Speed. Speed. Speed.

SITTING AT BREAKFAST: Snow White or Cinderella. My soft voice billows compliments on the wind to my beautiful, cherubic children. The birds and I do a sing-a-long as I feed bread crumbs to the rodents dressed in small jackets. My husband is the Prince. This is happily ever after.

WALKING INTO THE PARK: Princess Anna of Arendale (Frozen) “For the first time in foreverrrrrrr….Nothing’s in my waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

FIRST STEPS IN THE PARK: Mickey Mouse. “Hello there! Hi-ya! Oh, Hello.”

AFTER A COUPLA RIDES: Elastagirl (Incredibles). Who needs a snack? Water? Where to next? Keep up kids, we are going to get in five rides before lunch and I’m going to get us there! Bob? Bob? BOB?!?

THREE HOURS IN AND NO LUNCH YET: Heimlich. Ooh, Turkey legs. Churros. Candy Corn!!

AFTER LUNCH, NO NAPS: Donald Duck. So.Tired.Anything.Will.Set.Me.Off. “Stop sitting on the handrails!” “Don’t lick that!” “I’m not waiting four hours to see Elsa.” “Keep your hands to yourself please!” “No!” “Quit it!” “STOP!”

DINNER TIME: Mary Poppins. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I don’t know what to say except “we made it!” We are in the home stretch. We can do this! Does this umbrella fly?

LAST RIDE DOWN, LEAVING PARK: Either Chip or Dale. I am jittery, punchy, and a little skittish and I just want to bother people and make them angry. Time to go home or all will pay dearly.

BEDTIME: Aurora. Well at least the sleeping part.

Now, has anyone seen the Axiom? It’s time for a vacation.


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