Spring For the Dance Lessons

Forever an Austen girl

Forever an Austen girl

When my husband and I were was planning our wedding, much thought went into each and every detail.

I picked my dress – Audrey Hepburn in Funny Girl mixed with a touch of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

We picked the colors – Fall, very fall.

We picked the style – classic with a dash of whimsy and when I say “dash” I mean we had Hello Kitty tissue packs as party favors.

Venue – church, steeple, wooden pews, blocks from the ocean.

Reception – delicious food, giant cake, music – standard.

Flowers, bridesmaids dresses, seating chart, programs, photographer, videographer, wedding planner…you name it. Every last idea went into my giant “wedding” binder. Obviously I was super fun to be around.

One of the super fun ideas I had was to have a choreographed first dance. The first dance I would dance as Mrs. Tallman (my husband was a very good sport and humored this idea). In my mind it would be a modern-day rendition of  Austen’s Lizzie and Darcy. Moving gracefully across the floor with witty banter oblivious to the friends and family that filled the room around us.  But it wasn’t a waltz. It was actually a fox trot that we had spent six weeks practicing. We practiced to the same song every week. Our steps improved and we learned enough moves to put together a short routine we would repeat as the song played. We would finish the ensemble with an elegant dip. It was to be a grand display of our hard work and dedication.

Yeah, not so much. It was two people with stiff feet from standing all day and a DJ who played the wrong version of the song we had practiced over and over. We did the best we could with our six weeks of dance experience. But here’s the beauty in that moment. Before our wedding, neither one of us had taken any formal dance lessons. After our wedding, we had the basic four steps of a fox trot.

So tonight, when my daughter went to her dress-up box and put on her “Anna from Arrendale” dress and asked her Daddy to dance; he danced a basic fox trot, spun her a couple of times and then dipped her at the end of the song. She couldn’t care less that He didn’t know more than four steps. She was the princess and her Daddy was the prince. Just as it should be.

So, girls and guys if you ever wonder whether or not you want to spring for the dance lessons before your pending nuptials. I say yes, spring for the dance lessons. You just never know when they will come in handy.

Stressed out, sweaty fox trotters with swollen feet.

Stressed out, sweaty fox-trotters with swollen feet.


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