Change Be Scary


oh hey, a shareable from Saddleback

I have been a little obsessed with this saying for the past few days.

It’s true. Until we are ready to relieve ourselves of our current reality, we aren’t going to experience life transformation. I know people want this and it’s apparent in the way people try to change their realities.

For example, people will spend thirty bucks a week on lotto tickets in an effort to change their current financial reality – an attempt to change something deeper, I think, but that’s a different conversation. Those same people will then say they do not have money to give to charities, tithe or pay child support.

Others will log hours and hours in the gym trying to alter their appearance only and not work on transforming from the inside out. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we need to start on the outside and work our way in, but if we stay there we won’t experience real transformation. At some point you’re going to need to move the change inside.

Some others will spend hours and hours in therapy trying to unlock the secret code to “self-actualization” or oneness with the universe and yet have no regard to the feelings of others or how to meander the delicate nature of most relationships.

There are others who seek knowledge or store up information in an effort to glean wisdom they can use change their realities with information. Not bad until the formula doesn’t work or life goes unscripted or other people with other ideas enter the equation.

Still others will read their bibles, study it’s meaning and seek spiritual transformation without any regard to their physical or emotional health.

I just described myself at any given time in my life. I’ve sought transformation in one way or another in each of these silos: spirituality, information/education, physical and emotional. Every time I’ve searched in one silo, I’ve come up short.

One of my supervisors from my Grad. Psych days used to say “when we are operating in all four areas, we can experience true relationship with God and with others.” I would add that we also experience true change and true transformation (although he probably said that too). If any one of those areas is missing, transformation doesn’t happen. This past week, I offered a free gift to the person who could tell me why they had a need for it. I offered two months of free fitness (that’s the physical silo if you are following along). I had several people send me requests on behalf of ¬†friends or family members, but not one person sent me a message advocating for themselves. I thought that was sad. I wasn’t looking for a certain person, gender, age, socioeconomic situation, particular demographic – just someone with a voice.

If we can spend money every weekend on lottery tickets or lose ourselves in food, drink, work or some other avenue to escape some reality isn’t it time to acknowledge that we are dissatisfied with our current reality. Isn’t it time to stop buffering the blow of change and just take that first step? Are you dissatisfied enough to change?

From personal experience, I know if you do not acknowledge your dissatisfaction, it will come looking for you. Even when you are numbing it out there are still those quiet moments when it’s voice cannot be stifled.

Are you dissatisfied enough with your current reality to experience transformation? You’re gonna have to work for it, but it’s better than never knowing.


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