I Don’t Write No Good

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Just keep moving

There are better. There always will be.

I want to quit writing at least once every day, and yet…

I have a voice that cannot be silenced even despite my harshest critic (me).

If you love something. If you are passionate about something. Don’t settle for less than bringing that something to fruition.

I might not finish first, but I always finish. I drag myself out of self-doubt, I collect my breath and I hit the floor again.

Always have. But not alone. Look around. Look Up. There they are.

You don’t have to sprint a mile, you just have to put one foot in front of the other. It may take you a week, but if you keep moving – you’ll finish.

Leave the mile-sprinting to those who mile-sprint.

Access your strengths, train your weaknesses and don’t stop.

Remember that the Ugly Duckling went on to be a Swan.

You’re welcome.


Categories: Life Lessons Through Sports

4 replies

  1. Thanks P.! I have printed this off and put it in my wallet! Running a nonprofit, I have lots of days where I just think it can’t get done…and then inspiration comes from out of the blue! You were that for me today! Keep writing!

  2. Okay, wow. Did a little writing myself this morning about moving forward, and started out with these three words – “I can’t stop.” That was as far as I got before I got distracted and started poking around the internet looking for inspiration. Then by some strange coincidence (not really), I decided to pop over to your place first. Glad I did, my friend. Love the words you churn out. This is awesome!

    • Tanya, thanks so much! I usually don’t write as I’m processing something because it so personal, but for some reason I did. Did you finish your post? Now I’m going to have to go see if you did – no, friend, you can’t stop!

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