Give It Away

What if you reached out your hand and didn't expect anything in return?

What if you reached out your hand and didn’t expect anything in return?

At some point in life, everybody should carve out some time to work for free. Build something, serve someone, buy groceries for someone, write, draw, paint – use whatever gift you have for someone else and just give it away without any expectation of something in return.

If you need to schedule time off from your paying job, you should also do that.

Yeah, take some of your PAID vacation days and go volunteer somewhere. The big crazy family vacation to the beach or the girls trip or the alone time is also important, but what if you allotted some time to fill your soul and your internal buckets with something that had nothing to do with yourself? What if you set aside one, two, three days – whatever – to serve someone else? What if you just sat and listened to someone? What if you asked people questions about their life or their story? What if you didn’t give any advice? What if you stopped searching for perfect people to please and looked into the eyes of the broken, bruised, battered and worn down?

Imagine what we could learn if we did that? Imagine how we would feel if someone did that for us?

I know people who have taken time away from family and paying jobs (with proper permission of course) to volunteer in some capacity for other people. They do not expect anything in return, they serve to fill someone else’s bucket. They serve to expand someone else’s life. They serve to give hope to another person.

What they end up with is something more valuable than a paycheck. Something more valuable than an award or a certificate. They end up with something that is not measurable or easily explained.

When we serve with no expectation, when we step out of the routine of earning the money and spending the money, we begin to live life under a new currency. God’s currency. We begin to see value in things like peace, stillness, kindness, humility, honor and grace. We see value in a person for where they are in life, not where we want them to be.

Give away time, give away money, give away talent. But give it away with no strings attached. No expectation.

Remember, your life is as full as you choose to make it.


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