Eyes Forward, Goal Facing

bw shack

Sometimes life requires you to work alone.

Eyes forward, goal facing – the solitary pursuit.

Right now I am in a season of solitary pursuit. I have a goal. I have a mission. I have a purpose.

I also have no idea what the ending looks like. I have no physical coach and I have no physical team.

I have cheerleaders, supporters and those who encourage me.

But the work is mine alone.

I’ve never been a fan of the solitary pursuit. I’ve always seemed to find my way back to a team environment. I prefer teams. I prefer collaboration. I prefer division of labor, creative processes, synergy and dynamics. I am intuitively aware of where I fall short. I like others to pick up that slack.

There is a reason I played a team sport. Singles tennis is my worst nightmare.

Right now, though, it’s my work. I am called to do it. I am compelled by something other than monetary rewards, tangible accolades or spoken praise. That’s also hard for me. I like metrics, statistics, measurable results, logical courses of action.

But when life calls for a solitary pursuit, a work effort all our own – we must rise to it.

Obstacles, yes. Distractions, yes.

Still pursue.


And then.

You find out you are made of more than you thought.

You have more than enough of what it takes to accomplish your work.

You have grown, stretched and adapted just for this moment.

You are right where you need to be.


Categories: Life Lessons Through Sports

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