My son found the labeler. He's right, you know.

I feel like UB40 sounds waaaaay cooler.

(Your Turn Challenge is a 7-day blogging challenge inspired by the Your Turn book by Seth Godin. Powered by readers (who are now writers). Today’s writing prompt is why am I doing this challenge).

Because  last Friday at the hair salon I realized I have that wobbly turkey neck thing that used to only belong to “old ladies.”

Because when my daughter put on her pink fluffy princess dress last week and asked me to dress like a princess too, I cracked open the heirloom-quality sealed box my wedding dress was wrapped in and put on the wrinkly mess of tulle instead of saying “not today.”

Because we’re all in this together.

Because when the first six months of forty felt like I was still twenty-five, but the second six months feel like a giant snowball barreling down the side of the mountain, I figured I may as well start grabbing memories and experiences and life and health so that I can give it away instead of stuffing it inside the cold, wet mess that ends up at the bottom of the hill exhausted from collecting dried twigs and debris.

Because I decided that I was tired of people telling me that I talk too much.

Because when someone makes a face at me for turning too wide in a parking lot because I was thinking of a great paragraph, I make a face back.

Because sometimes I use the word “ass” to describe myself; as in “ass-kicker” – come on people I’d never just call myself an “ass.”

Because one time I wrote a post about wearing cat t-shirts on Friday and then people started gifting me all kinds of cat t-shirts and socks and all manner of cat clothing.

Because someone once asked me “what’s with the cat t-shirts?” And I was like “I don’t know.”

Because as much as I wish I lived in Downton Abbey, I don’t.

Because…wait, is UB40 about being 40? Woah. Mind blown.

Because I like challenges.

Because I like deadlines.

Because it’s my outlet.

Because what I have to say may not matter to a thousand people or even a hundred people, but it matters to one person.

I write for that person.

Because one voice can change lives but only if it speaks.



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