Immediately Doubt Everything

Life lessons from children's books - standard.

Life lessons from children’s books – standard.

I have this thing where I doubt myself based on the decisions of others.

It’s charming.

I get all anxious and wonder if maybe I too should be making the same decision they are making. For example, if three families we know are moving out of state, then I need to move out of state too. Why is my family still here? Is there something I should know? They must know something and I must be in the dark. Are the zombies coming?

Doubt. Is. The. Dark.

Thankfully, I have this still small voice that guides me when the doubt gets too loud – and believe me doubt can yell over every fiber of truth in my world some days. Somehow, though, if I can just sit for a minute and shut out all the noise around me, I will hear the still small voice clear as a bell. It brings me a lot of comfort, that little voice.

No. It brings me peace.

Peace just so happens to be the most highly valued commodity in my busy little typing fingered tweeting writing ideas in the shower kind of mind. I need peace.

I think we could all use a little more peace in our lives.

Still. Small. Voices speaking truth, purpose, peace.

After ten years of marriage and two kids who are getting way to big way too fast, our family has chosen these words to live by this year: “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right and pure. If it is lovely, if it is excellent or praiseworthy, think on these things.” I think all of those things are peaceful.

I will still have doubt, but as long as I pause and listen, the still small voice will speak more clearly and more truthfully than the doubt could ever dream of.

Keep listening to the still small voice. I am sure it has and will continue to serve you well.

Hmmm, think I just said that to a friend.

Thank you, friend.


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