That’s Nacho Business

Nachos are my business

Nachos are my business

I am all up in the nacho business.

Okay, not actually business business, but I like to eat nachos.

At best they are a delicious cheat, at worst they are a raging plate of heartburn. But the best thing about nachos is what they reveal about human nature. Allow me to explain.

Say you ordered a plate full of piping hot goodness (that’s the nachos). The plate arrives to your spot at the table. Your eyes follow the plate from the waiters hands down onto the table; you then hear the following warning:

“Careful! The plate is very hot!”

As a consumer and as a human we have choices of what to do with the plate once we have been served. I’ve narrowed it down to three:

1. DO NOT TOUCH THE PLATE – heed the waiter’s warning. Don’t touch the plate. Drink a few sips of water and make mindless¬†banter with your table mates until enough time has passed to begin nacho consumption. This choice says “I’m a great person. I am patient. I am selfless, I am willing to invest in other people first before I stuff my own face with massive amounts of cholesterol, processed corn chips and refried beans from a can. I am civilized.” Good for you. Bravo!

2. DO NOT TOUCH THE PLATE, BUT EAT THE NACHOS – Okay, you can follow directions. You heeded the warning, but you touch the food to see if the temperature is at safe levels. You eat the food, but still follow the orders of the waiter. You may wonder “why is that plate always so darn hot?” But you do not touch the plate. You have impulse control. You are not drawn to touch dangerous hot plate.

3. TOUCH THE PLATE – let’s face it. Everybody touches the plate. When someone tells us the plate is hot, we need to touch the hot plate. Moth to a flame. White on rice. Bottom line, we don’t listen. Our inner toddler is at work here and isn’t this just human nature at it’s finest? Isn’t this what mankind has been doing since the beginning of time.

Wait. I can touch anything in this whole darn garden, but don’t eat from that one tree? Okay, got it. I so got it. After all, there is so much else here to keep me occupied.

Woah. This. Apple. Is. Amazing.

Have you tried this apple? Dude, you gotta try this apple.

Here’s the kicker, part of life is about learning boundaries and figuring out where our own limits are. Where do we begin and where do we end. The other part of life is about pushing past those limits in order to see how much further we could go. So where exactly is that line? How do we know which boundary is for our safety and which one is there for us to push past and explore?

The line runs right down the center of our belief system. Our ethics and values and our ability to know what is good for us and why it’s good for us. It pulls in criteria from how we were raised; our personalities our pathology. Our experiences good and bad.

There is nature, there is nurture…

…and let’s face it.

Sometimes there’s just nacho.

What will you do next time you hear the warning “hot plate?”


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