The Biggest, Baddest and the Fastest

2014-12-24 026

Maybe they just worked out, maybe they just cleaned the floor. Who knows.

You know what I love most about my CrossFit community?

I love that the biggest, baddest and fastest athletes in our gym are the same people who:

  • answer the phone every time I call the gym
  • keep the bathrooms clean during the week
  • push the zamboni (or whatever that thing is called) to clean the mats
  • unclog toilets or urinals
  • wipe down sweaty wall balls
  • stack plates and re-rack barbells
  • teach the kids classes
  • teach the master’s classes
  • Print t-shirts
  • manage payroll and schedules
  • take out trash
  • wipe cobwebs from the skylight

Those aren’t things I expect, but I appreciate them and I notice them. Maybe they complain, but you would never know.

When all the biggest, baddest people are locked away behind the doors of their big corner offices, you lose something.

You lose community. You lose the feeling that whatever part you play, regardless of how small, matters.

That’s what community is. Everyone playing their part. Everyone serving. No one sitting up on a pedestal closed off from the world.

Fit in your britches, outgrow your britches – just don’t forget at one time someone, somewhere had to teach you how to put them on.


Categories: Life Lessons Through Sports

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