Mommy Anthem

I'm staying up 'til midnight, don't believe me - just watch.

I’m staying up ’til midnight, don’t believe me – just watch.

I’m staying up until midnight.

I know I’m going to regret this decision, but a small nap and too many words in my head don’t care how much I’ll hate this in the morning.

Right now, they just want to pretend we are nineteen and if we’re tired we fall asleep on the couch with the cat.

Right now, they just want to download music and pretend we are skipping out on writing an important English paper.

Right now, this is the best option for peace.

Right now, this is the best option to regain a bit of all the things we lose when we become mommies.

Right now, it’s a Thursday night in Wherever Town, USA and I’m eating as much pizza as I want without thinking about how bloated I’ll be in the morning.

Look…I’m not going all yaya sisterhood on anyone here, but let’s face it once you have children life requires so much diligence.

I’m always diligent about being in bed early so I won’t be tired for the kids.

I’m diligent about working out when they are at school so I don’t have to drag them to the gym with me.

I’m diligent about what we eat, what I eat, where my money is spent.

I’m diligent about the morals, ethics, values, virtues and all the other things that swirl in my head that I teach them for the solid twelve hours I give them each day (and the extra four hours I spend thinking about all that stuff once they’re in bed).

I’m diligent about my work and the example I set.

I’m diligent about what they see, what they hear, who they spend their time with.

And tonight I was tired of holding all that together.

Tonight I’m staying up until midnight and pretending for the next hour that I have not a care in the world.

Because tomorrow it starts all over again and I’ll be tired.

I will immediately regret having stayed up too late pretending to be nineteen.

But for now…


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