Sacred, Holy

Somethings are better left un...typed. Hang onto the sacred, the holy. Share everything else.
Somethings are better left unsaid, er untyped. Hang on to the sacred, the holy. Share everything else.

“To put it in words, to write it down. That is walking on hallowed ground” – Depeche Mode

I know, we want to share everything. We want everyone to know us.

That’s okay.

We live in a time of mass media consumption about any and all.

We have the ability to livestream anything we want, whenever we want.

That’s okay.

It’s okay to want to be known and to share the stuff that is important to us – our triumphs, our failures and how we overcame.

Last week, I stood up in front of a group of people I have never met and I declared something that is deeply important to me. I wanted my goals and my dreams to be known. Somehow speaking them aloud made them more permanent (even though I’ve been plugging away at them for years).

Writing (well, articulating in any form) is sacred. It’s hallowed ground as Martin Gore so aptly suggested in those Depeche Mode lyrics.

Knowing that helps me discern where to draw the line. I want to provoke thought. I want to share experiences. I want to empower people to pursue their goals. I want people to know we aren’t all perfect and that everybody hurts (great R.E.M song with that title, by the way). I want young athletes to be inspired by my stories and experiences. I want to write about other people’s stories.

I need to process and writing helps me do that.

But here’s the kicker. I don’t share everything.

I share what I’ve processed.

The raw, unfiltered things. Those are for me. At least for now.

I do not want to be anyone’s victim – because I’m not a victim.

I’m not interested in shocking you.

I’m not looking for attention.

Because the pen is permanent.

There are still things that are off limits and I think that is incredibly important.

To have boundaries. To have relationships instead fans and likes and favorites.

At least for me. Everyone has a different threshold.

My keyboard is my favorite sounding board. The tick tack of the keys is music to my ears, especially when they are moving at break neck speed.

I write. I live. I share.

Sacred. Holy.

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Wife, mother, Christ follower.

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