Twitter Brain

I picture my brain like this. All kinds of information at the ready - or not.

I picture my brain like this. All kinds of information at the ready – or not.

I love Twitter. Some people don’t see the value, but basically I’m over there because my brain makes one-liners like this (like all day):

You might know what you want, but do you even know who you are?

You cannot tell a twenty year-old how to be twenty just as you cannot tell a forty year-old how to be forty. These things just happen.

The trouble is, I don’t just dip my toe in the proverbial pool, I full-on cannonball.

Not everyone pushes OUT their shame (destructive to others), some internalize it and take it IN (destructive to self).

Just had a mosquito PR his bite per second on my ankles. Not a fan.

Middle kids don’t do “National Sibling Day.”


It takes me about three hours to “wake up” after a 10 minute cat nap, but after that I’m totally awake.

I almost never hear information but will always hear a story. Wrapping information in a story that engages people is paramount, otherwise they just move on.

It’s hard when your cat is unathletic.

Here’s what’s cool, I jot all that stuff down during the day. Nonsense. Serious, deep thoughts. Whatever I feel like I need to save or let’s face it, release. Some of it becomes a blog post. Some of it goes nowhere. But just like paper and pen, I put my thoughts down – no matter how random – in a spot for later. I just never know when something is going to jump out and demand to be heard.

I love that my little creative wheels are spinning all day. Maybe you don’t have twitter or any social media, but make some room today to create something. It does the body (and mind and soul) good.


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