Yard Work

Yard work is a good distraction, but eventually we need to address the sytem

Yard work is a good distraction, but eventually we need to address the system

Have you ever gone to a physical therapist?

A really good physical therapist?

They will watch you perform a certain movement and within seconds be able to spot where you are moving wrong. Then, they can fix it.

It’s amazing.

Take, for example, my squat. A good physical therapist will be able to watch me perform a squat and pinpoint what I need to do to correct my movement and also create flexibility and range to improve my squat.

Over time, because of new range created and proper movement restored in various areas of my body, my squat will improve and I will get stronger.

The physical therapist addresses the system, not just the symptom.

This week our family dealt with some meaty issues. Nothing life threatening, but meaty stuff that took a little chewing on to break down. As with the body, our minds and emotions also work in a system. So, when the proverbial poo hits the fan it is usually not just the “thing” or issue we have to deal with, it is usually as a result of a breakdown in another part of the system.

I know this is probably confusing if you don’t have the super power of identifying relational dynamics like I do, but it’s pretty simple.

We do not have relationship in a vaccuum.

Life has relationships and relationships are between people and people have baggage.

Let me break it down one more time.

If you have something that needs working out, and you don’t work it out, it will eventually affect other people.

See? You don’t need super powers to understand that.

Thing is, all of us do things to alleviate the pain we feel because of our dynamics. All of us do things in order to be in relationship, because at the end of the day –  we need people whether or not we want to admit that.

Remember my squat?

I have limited range in both my hips and my thoracic spine. Guess what hurts? My lower back.

Systems. They are complex.

This morning, my husband became consumed with doing yard work. He disappeared for the better part of the morning pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, tying up young trees to protect them from the strong winds that have been knocking them around for a couple of days. All of these things were good things and all of those things needed to be done, but because I have my super power I knew something else was brewing beneath the surface.

We have a little control in our lives (or at least we perceive that we do), but we do not have all the control. As much as we try, there are always things beyond our control.

This week, we had a reminder of that. We also had a reminder that if you neglect any part of the system, the whole body (and relationship) is tested.

My husband disappeared to do yard work because something in the system was off and he needed to feel like he had control.

After about an a hour and a half, I walked outside to see how things were going.

I said “You know why you are out here, right? After the week we just had, this is the only thing you can control.”

He said “I was already thinking that. I was thinking the same thing. Even as a kid, I did yard work…probably for this very reason. See, we are beginning to think alike.”

I said “I know”

He said “We even finish each others…”

I said “…sandwiches.”

I smiled and walked back inside.

(photo cred: yahoo images)


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