Make One Thing Better

It's 24 hours, make one thing better today.

It’s 24 hours, make one thing better today.

Yesterday I wrote this sentiment:

“When life gives you lemons, make sure you have a secret stash of Oreo’s”

I meant it. I was in no mood to make lemonade.

Oreo’s though? They don’t require a mood.

Some days are just like that. Poo hits the fan and you are left to figure out what to do with it.

Such a mess. So much to do.

How about this though? What if we stopped thinking in terms of lemons and lemonade (and, gasp! Oreo’s) and decided that whatever hand we are dealt for the day, no matter how far the odds are stacked against us, we decided to make just one thing better.

That’s it.

Make one thing better.

Like in sports. For every practice for every training session, for every rep – just make one thing better. Don’t try to fix all the things in one practice.

Focus on one lift, one skill, one movement – for one day.

Tomorrow will bring its own challenges. You can work on something else tomorrow.

For today, just make one thing better.

Not perfect, just better.

This week has already been a doozie for us.

It’s Monday.

After a long, emotionally exhausting day I chose to make one thing better. I’ve fought it for years, but last night I bought myself my first pair of drug store readers (for you youngsters under forty, those are the cheap, super stylish glasses they have on a rounder back near the pharmacy). I fought it because of pride and by fighting it, I was making my life just a tiny bit more inconvenient than it had to be. It wasn’t ruining my life to hold the book thisclose to my face every time I read something, but changing just one thing made my world thismuch easier.

I took one thing and made it better.

That’s it. Just one thing.

Try it today.


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