Amy Schumer You’re Not Fat!


Image: from Yahoo! Images, courtesy of another site who likely did not take this picture and I am sorry to the photographer for not knowing who took this because it is a fantastic picture. I hope you got paid well.

Hey, I like funny just like the rest of you.

And Amy Schumer is funny.

Here’s the thing though and I’m soooo not trying to be a downer – at least on purpose. But Amy Schumer tells a lot of jokes about her weight and not being Hollywood enough or skinny enough and I keep looking and thinking:


But in the clips I’ve seen from talk shows, she’s spends a lot of time comparing herself to Hollywood actresses who are like, 5’2 and 85 lbs. Outside the magazines or off the silver screen and into real life, you will realize:

Nobody looks like that.

Okay, that’s not true, nine year old boys look like that. But women? Barely any.

Here’s what I think.

I think Amy Schumer needs to get herself to a CrossFit gym. I think she needs to stop comparing herself to all the tiny Hollywood actresses and I think she needs to spend some quality time under a barbell squatting. I think she needs to swing a kettlebell or get a pull-up or climb a rope – not to lose weight – but to realize the strength in the body she’s got.

I’ll probably still laugh at her funny, because that she is.

But she is not fat.

So, stop it.


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2 replies

  1. Not fat! However, major potty mouth and not a person I would want my daughter be like.

  2. Lilly, I’ve only seen network television interviews, so I can’t even speak to that. But, I’m sure there’s language as in most comedy acts. I can relate to her on some of the food stuff though!

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