Authenticity Isn’t Always Eloquent


“You do not have to be eloquent to be authentic. When people experience authenticity, they know it.” Me.

It isn’t the way you put words together, whether spoken or otherwise, that shows me who you are, it’s how I feel when I am around you.

I cannot see authenticity, I cannot hear authenticity, I cannot do authenticity.

I can only experience authenticity.

Authenticity isn’t honesty.

It’s truth.

Authenticity isn’t praise.

It’s appreciation.

Authenticity isn’t sacrifice.

It’s mercy.

It’s transparency, vulnerability, fear.

It’s getting up after you fall. It’s asking again when you’ve been denied. It’s apologizing when you’re wrong, but not when you aren’t. It’s listening and hearing.

It’s the sadness behind the rage.

The confusion inside the anger.

The abandonment at the bottom of the bottle.

And it’s moving on and pursuing relationship in spite of all this. It’s not always “pretty” but it is absolutely beautiful to experience when you are willing to let people in.


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