We, Three Things

I’m an avid podcast listener and book reader. I love content (no surprise there). I love learning and I love applying bits and pieces of things I learn to my life (and let’s face it, probably yours too). I blame my parents for the constant unsettling of complacency. As I type, they are likely planning their next adventure to see Willie Nelson or J.Lo in concert. Thankfully, I too have embraced this character trait, so though I live out of state, I’m still an apple who hasn’t fallen very far.

Anyway, back to podcasting and reading. So, I’ve recently read Lewis Howes “The Mask of Masculinity” and also started listening to his podcast. Side note: Amazon Prime and podcasting go hand in hand. Because every podcast has multiple book recommendations, I suggest setting a book budget so you don’t order them all – as tempting as it might be. If you don’t have a book budget don’t listen to podcasts, sorry, I’m just a truth-teller.

Seriously though, back to podcasting. So, The School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes recently had Melissa Hartwig of Whole 30, Whole 30: Fast and Easy and Whole 30: Day by Day (by day, by day, by day … amen) fame on as a guest. Side note: I follow Melissa Hartwig on Instagram because she’s one of the rare women in my age group not filtering her face to look like she’s 20 and not sugar coating her past. More and more, I’m looking for people (women especially) who have an authentic social media presence WITH boundaries. Because I create, and love, content, I respect instagram accounts who share authentically, have boundaries in place and still teach without being preachy or perfect.

Melissa Hartwig did that on the most recent School of Greatness podcast. But what I loved most, and what Howes does at the end of every podcast, was his final question called Three Truths, it goes something like this: “If all your content were to be erased, there’s no information you’ve shared anymore. You have a piece of paper and a pen. What are three things you know to be true of all your experiences, the lessons you would leave behind?” Basically, at the core of who you are, what you stand for and what you want to leave behind, what would you want people to know? Hartwig’s answer was “love yourself and love more, just love. More love, that’s it.” (paraphrased).

So, I started thinking. What three things would I want to leave behind. Besides the content (that I create to mostly entertain myself). Besides blogging. Besides writing about other athletes. Besides writing and managing other businesses social media accounts. Besides being a mother and wife. Besides my love for psychology, nutrition, fitness and emotional growth … besides that, what are my three things?

And it took me about four seconds to figure it out:

  1. ASK QUESTIONS. All of them. Ask if you don’t know something. Ask is you are trying for figure something out. Ask is someone is hurting. Ask when you are confused. Really though, just ask them.
  2. STAY CURIOUS. Not only ask questions, but be curious about new topics, different cultures, different ways of life or work. I’ve volunteered for the CrossFit Games media team, danced in the local production of the Nutcracker, written up professional athletes, hired a fitness coach, got my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, been on mission trip, joined and quit a tennis league, stepped back into coaching and just returned from Atlanta where I watched my Georgia Bulldogs WIN THE SEC, thank you very much, all because I was curious. Now, not everything works out (like an SEC title), but so what if it doesn’t? There is something to be learned from every experience whether positive or negative. (Side note: curiosity isn’t being stupid, seriously people).
  3. BE STILL. Enjoy every moment. The setback, the failure, the triumph, the nighttime ritual you have with your kids, the morning hustle to get out of the house, the quiet days, the lonely days, the days of mourning and grief, the sacred and the chaotic, unscheduled days. I might always be a work in progress on this one, but mindfulness and intentional time in relationship and stillness of heart and soul is a vital part of my life.

What three things would you want leave behind? After all the content fades away, what things matter most to you and what you want to cultivate in the lives of those you inspire?

Priscilla Tallman is a freelance writer in Phoenix, AZ. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and graduate degree in Clinical Psychology. She has written for FloVolleyball, Volleyball Magazine, The Art of Coaching Volleyball, Sweat RX, Gorgo Fitness Magazine, CrossFit Fury, The CrossFit Games and OPEX Fitness. She is married with two children and in a former life played collegiate and professional volleyball. She currently coaches high school volleyball (indoor and beach) and continues to learn and grow in hopes of inspiring the next generation of amazing athletes. She has, however, never done a Whole 30 so don’t ask her any questions about that.

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