Life Lessons Through Sports

You Got This

In 1988, I watched the men’s US volleyball team defeat Russia to win gold at the Seoul Olympics. I remember that game so vividly. By ’88 I had been playing volleyball for about five years and although I loved the… Read More ›

Do Good Things

“Do good things.” Last Friday I stood before a group of young athletes from my alma mater and was asked if I had any words of wisdom, inspiration or advice for their time as student-athletes. They were me twenty, ahem nineteen, years ago. I remember… Read More ›

Let Me Clear My Throat

This is exactly why I don’t watch regular television… Last night I caught the first several minutes of 20/20. The piece was about that Rutgers coach (Coach “Super Insecure and Cannot Hold My Composure Guy” or something like that) as… Read More ›