Volleyball Life

How To Get Good

In 1988, I taught myself how to jump serve. I was thirteen years old about 5’4 and about 100 pounds. I may have tipped the scale at 101 or 102 on any given day depending on the amount of hairspray… Read More ›

Awaken *ss-Kicker

First things first. This post has some “language.” If you’re out. You’re out. If you care to stick around, cool beans. I’ve had this post for more than a month and have tried to change the words a bit, but… Read More ›

We Are – Student Athletes

My husband and I were having coffee the other morning and having one of our many discussion about student athletes. Both of us played Division I collegiate volleyball so this is a very common occurrence. What we realized as we were chatting was this: my… Read More ›

Glory Days

Boxes. Everywhere. Old stuff. New stuff. Just stuff. Everywhere. We are in the middle of a move right now. By middle, I mean most boxes are in the new place but not enough unpacked for me to feel settled. Utilities… Read More ›

You Got This

In 1988, I watched the men’s US volleyball team defeat Russia to win gold at the Seoul Olympics. I remember that game so vividly. By ’88 I had been playing volleyball for about five years and although I loved the… Read More ›

Do Good Things

“Do good things.” Last Friday I stood before a group of young athletes from my alma mater and was asked if I had any words of wisdom, inspiration or advice for their time as student-athletes. They were me twenty, ahem nineteen, years ago. I remember… Read More ›