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For years I’ve been a writer and love writing long form pieces, but I also know sometimes we need to get a lot of information into bite-sized nuggets. Enter my obsession with Canva! Feel free to download, screenshot or whatever you do to hang on to resources that you love or want to reference later. Click on the link to download the file.

Coach’s Guide to Team Journaling – Want to start journaling with your teams? Check out what makes journaling a big benefit for teams.

Stress in the Body  – We all have stress reactions to certain performance situations. These reactions begin in our bodies even before we can form the words to explain what is happening. Use this infographic as a starting point for identifying where in your body you feel your stress.

healthy distractions vs. numbing out – We all have ways to cope or deal with life. Some of them are healthy and some can be destructive or harmful to us or others. This infographic can help you identify healthy ways to get through difficult times.

Identity vs Values-3 – Use this infographic to help understand your value as an athlete on and off the court.

The Injured Athlete – Injuries happen. It’s part of sport. Here are some ways to support your mindset whether you are sidelined for a physical injury, an emotional injury or sidelined for any reason.

What To Say To Your Athlete – It’s hard to know what to say to your athlete after a game or practice. These questions can help when you don’t know what to say.