Compete Everyday Podcast, Jake Thompson – Champion Mindset Coaching

Raising Competitors Podcast, Jake Thompson

Retired College Athletes, Sydney Umeri _ Bringing Grace into Coaching

1000 Hours Outside Podcast , Ginny Yurich – Bringing a Consumer Mindset to Club Sports


Click on the link to download the file for each week of the 30 Day Champions Journal. Athletes can use these resources as a companion guide to the weekly topics presented in the journal:

WEEK ONE, MINDSET: Stress in the Body  – We all have stress reactions to certain performance situations. Even before we can form the words to explain that is happening, these reactions begin somewhere in the body. Use this infographic as a starting point for identifying where in your body you feel your stress.

WEEK TWO, GOAL SETTING: Healthy Distractions vs. Numbing Out – We all have ways to cope or deal with life. Some of them are healthy and some can be destructive or harmful to us or others. This infographic can help you identify healthy ways to get through difficult times and may help you build a better way to form habits that get you closer to your goal.

WEEK THREE, COMMUNICATION: Get Out Of Your Head!  Healthy self-talk takes practice and athletes are notoriously hard on themselves. As a result we usually have thoughts that aren’t entirely true. This resource gives you a few ways to start talking to yourself in a more productive way.

WEEK FOUR, OWNERSHIP: Identity vs Values – Our values shape our decision making and who we are on and off the court. Sometimes, our identity can get wrapped up into our sport and tying our value to how we perform. This is often times a slippery slope. Use this resource to see the differences between your identity and your value as an athlete.


5 Ways to Build Confidence – Athletes are not born with confidence, we get confidence from the outside world and we internalize what we hear. Because sports are performance based, we often hear more corrections or frustrations from those in our lives than we hear positive or productive reinforcement. If you struggle with confidence as an athlete (or just in general), this resource is for you.

The Injured Athlete – Injuries happen. It’s part of sport. Here are some ways to support your mindset whether you are sidelined for a physical injury, an emotional injury or sidelined for any reason.


MINDSET BINGO – do you have a tournament this weekend? How about a training camp? Pack this little mindset bingo game in your bag or download it and place a sticker on each one you finish that day.

Coach’s Guide to Team Journaling – Want to start journaling with your teams? Check out what makes journaling a big benefit for teams.

What To Say To Your Athlete – It’s hard to know what to say to your athlete after a game or practice. These questions can help when you don’t know what to say.

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