Dumping Weight

Lift weight. Dump weight. Keep moving.
Lift weight. Dump weight. Keep moving.

I love the sound of multiple, loaded barbells being dumped…

…at the same time.

A single bar being dumped is cool, but twelve of them? At the same time?

It only happens in that first round of five during an 8:00 minute AMRAP, but it’s a glorious sound of people collectively dumping weight they don’t need anymore.

And then moving on.

Recently, I’ve felt the weight of some things, circumstances, projects creeping up on me and into my time in a way that feels heavy.

When I begin something, I begin like I’m loading a bar.

Slowly, intentionally, adding weight.

I want to get stronger, not hurt.

In my life, I’ve learned this the hard way. Youth insists on getting off the blocks quickly to take an early lead.

Age and wisdom have learned to stick at the back of the line working on smaller, less visible things in order to get stronger and faster as the race goes on instead of sloppy and disorganized during lap three of four.

(The metaphorical race, people, because the physical race was gone years ago for me).

So, I plod along and trudge slowly working on details and then when I’m ready, I step up to the bar and I lift it.

Last week, I felt the weight of the bar.

A weight I could previously get, but this time it felt heavy, different, contrived.

I don’t do contrived.

When I’m forcing something in my life, it’s time to rethink it.

It’s not about pushing myself for the sake of pushing myself anymore.

It’s about how I’m going to use my time to make the biggest impact for the purpose and plan I have before me.

I have a purpose and a plan. So do you.

Some things we pick up and we get stronger by lifting them.

Some things we need to dump off our backs feeling the release and freedom from their heaviness.

And that’s okay.

Lift weight. Dump weight. Keep moving.

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Wife, mother, Christ follower.

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