Resiliency in Athletes: Of Ghosts and Gaslights

A few weeks ago a thought popped into my head “I wonder whatever happened to that article I pitched to … ?” So I hit the command/F keys and searched my email for said inquiry. Found it. Sent September 16, 2020. Opened September 16, 2020. No response – and I guess I forgot to followContinue reading “Resiliency in Athletes: Of Ghosts and Gaslights”

Designing Internal Pressure for Your Sports Training

One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from a book I’ve devoured (twice), notated and referenced over and over again – “Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance,” by Angela Duckworth. The full quote is eight words, but my favorite three are these “effort counts twice.” As much as talent counts, effort countsContinue reading “Designing Internal Pressure for Your Sports Training”

Why Cooperation Drills Train Mental and Performance Skills

Bow tie passing for volleyball (or hockey), over the net cooperative pepper, Rondo, passing shuttles or run plays in basketball … no matter what you call them, ball control or cooperative team drills in sport are commonly used to develop sport specific skills, focus and create good mental patterns and brain grooves that make itContinue reading “Why Cooperation Drills Train Mental and Performance Skills”

How to Coach a Winning Practice Without A Practice Plan

(Let me first start by saying that I’m not advocating running a 12U practice without a practice plan. That is not advisable. This is a tale about how I accidentally ran a practice without a plan and how it worked out pretty nicely. Last Thursday I arrived at practice thinking I was going to assist,Continue reading “How to Coach a Winning Practice Without A Practice Plan”

Resetting your Game in 30 Days

When quarantine began, many athletes found themselves sidelined. Not because of an injury, but because the world hit the pause button. I coach for a beach volleyball club and we had been discussing the roll out of a mental training/mindset/performance program for some of our select athletes. When our sports were put on hold, weContinue reading “Resetting your Game in 30 Days”

Ten Things We Learned About Sports From Ten Weeks Inside

Not sure what terminology you used the past ten weeks in America – I realize the timing is different for different parts of the world as is the language used for what staying inside is – but regardless of jargon, for most of us, sports were pretty much shut down globally for some time. InContinue reading “Ten Things We Learned About Sports From Ten Weeks Inside”

Is Sports Culture Toxic to Athlete Mental Health?

In early April, I was supposed to speak on a panel at a global sports summit with the Global Sport Institute on the topic of mental health and student athlete populations. The panel had a former wrestler from Arizona State University, Ryan Milhof, who had been public about his mental health struggles as well as Kristin Hoffner,Continue reading “Is Sports Culture Toxic to Athlete Mental Health?”