30 Day RESET Journal, Priscilla Tallman & Joe Jardine

Most athletes know the mental aspect of their game is important, but few of them know how to train it. The 30 Day Reset Journal helps create and establish new habits for journaling, gratitude, self-awareness and more. For four weeks, athletes learn to define their mindset, create better systems for goal setting, be aware of distractions, learn self and other communication skills and how to take responsibility for their athletic performance. This journal isn’t just a tool for athletes, it’s also an important resource for coaches, athletic trainers, sports med, physical therapist and parents who work closely with athletes. 

Price $14.99 USD 

30 Day Return To Play, Priscilla Tallman

The injury cycle can be a devastating time for an athlete. Sports not only create healthy coping and positive identity in young athletes, they also provide built in mentors, friendships and accountability. When an athlete is unable to play, those resources and systems are suddenly and abruptly put on hold and can lead to lowered mood, increased anxiety, identity confusion and fear of re-injury. Use this journal to create new mindset habits and learn performance tools such as visualization, journaling, value setting, creating a support system and more. This journal isn’t just a tool for athletes, it’s also an important resource for anyone who works closely with athletes during the injury cycle.

Price $14.99 USD (Available 11/1/2020)

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$125/session || 1 hour coaching call via Zoom

$100/session || 1 hour coaching call x 4 via Zoom (must book and pay for all four calls in advance.

$150 || 30 Day RESET Journal, Individual || 45 minute weekly call via zoom x 4

$99 || 30 Day RESET Journal + 4 guided videos to walk you through each week of the journal (Product TBD)

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