When Parents Have FOMO in Youth Sports

“Mom, why didn’t you put me in baseball when I was six?” My ten year-old’s words swirled through the air as we made our way through the parking lot after an evening little league game. I lost myself in thoughts playing rapid fire in my brain. Did I rob him of precious reps by notContinue reading “When Parents Have FOMO in Youth Sports”

Chicken and Broccoli: Putting Whole Thoughts Into Your Mind

Location: Durham, North Carolina. Date: Late November/Early December, 1994 Event: worst game of my collegiate career. There are only two details I remember about this match. That I played the absolute worst match of my collegiate career and the epic tantrum I threw in the locker room after. Now, if you want details of saidContinue reading “Chicken and Broccoli: Putting Whole Thoughts Into Your Mind”

Diagnosis. Human: A Story of Childhood Anxiety.

I try to keep this blog to sports content as much as possible, but the truth is, I’m not just a former athlete, mom and wife, turned coach … I’m also just a regular person with regular issues and stuff I deal with like everyone else. I don’t have all the answers, but I doContinue reading “Diagnosis. Human: A Story of Childhood Anxiety.”

Why I Like Training “By Myself”

There are two times my brain is quiet and still: when I’m sleeping when I’m training. See, I’m a processor. I am constantly taking in information whether spoken or sensory or relational dynamics or environmental or that mosquito that just landed on your leg and now I’m focused on … (slap. sorry). I don’t tryContinue reading “Why I Like Training “By Myself””

I’m Not Anxious, You’re Anxious: 3 Tips For Athletes (Who Aren’t Anxious)

Anxiety is a normal human process. We inherited it from our ancestors who needed it to survive in a pre-historic era of actual, constant danger. Our ancestors, however, weren’t anxious because a bear or lion gave them the side eye, trashed their loin cloth on social media or because they didn’t want to miss theContinue reading “I’m Not Anxious, You’re Anxious: 3 Tips For Athletes (Who Aren’t Anxious)”

Coaches in China Shops – What’s Your Role in Coaching Youth Sports?

Two years ago, I made the decision to get back into coaching. I didn’t come from a particularly decorated coaching career (if you can even call it that). A short three-year stint as a club coach in Southern California for a 16-3’s team and one season as the 4th assistant at Long Beach State (basicallyContinue reading “Coaches in China Shops – What’s Your Role in Coaching Youth Sports?”

Identity and Self-Worth in Sports

This is not another article about how you are more than your sport. This is not a post about how identifying with your sport is a bad thing and that you need to find balance. This is a post about you, having made an informed decision to play/commit to a sport you love, are (yes)Continue reading “Identity and Self-Worth in Sports”

5 Things That Haven’t Changed About Volleyball

Six rotation outside hitters. Liberos, defensive specialists. Contesting a play to reverse the call. Sideout scoring. Jump float. Kick saves. Number of substitutions. Purple cards. It’s safe to say our sport has changed quite a bit in the past decade. As a former player turned coach who has been told way too many times “thingsContinue reading “5 Things That Haven’t Changed About Volleyball”