I’m Not Anxious, You’re Anxious: 3 Tips For Athletes (Who Aren’t Anxious)

Anxiety is a normal human process. We inherited it from our ancestors who needed it to survive in a pre-historic era of actual, constant danger. Our ancestors, however, weren’t anxious because a bear or lion gave them the side eye, trashed their loin cloth on social media or because they didn’t want to miss theContinue reading “I’m Not Anxious, You’re Anxious: 3 Tips For Athletes (Who Aren’t Anxious)”


Sports. Life. It’s all such a wonderful cycle. There are no guarantees as to how it will end and there’s certainly no easy path or template, but if you stay in the game, stick with your program and never give up on your goals, you will find fulfillment (and maybe even a spot on that podium). 9Continue reading “9 THINGS YOU LEARN BEING A LIFETIME ATHLETE”

Staying Connected to Alumni Groups and Sports Programs After Graduation

Over the past five years or so, I’ve seen more live football games than I saw in my four years of college. You might think that’s weird for someone who went to school in the SEC (a hotbed for college football) but, alas, I was a collegiate athlete. A collegiate athlete who shared the same FallContinue reading “Staying Connected to Alumni Groups and Sports Programs After Graduation”

Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Bench?

I was a bench warmer. For a long time. I know all about sitting the bench, riding the pine, being a scrub, third stringer, token player and last one picked for teams. I know the feeling of going to the huddle after warming up for a game, surveying the lineup and looking for my number in oneContinue reading “Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Bench?”

10 Valuable Characteristics You Are Developing Through Sports – Right Now

I might not be as mighty as I once was in the physical sense, but everything I developed in sports is still alive and well (and kicking) in me as a person. So, how will I accomplish my goals, dreams and live out my passions in the new year? I’m going all-in on what IContinue reading “10 Valuable Characteristics You Are Developing Through Sports – Right Now”

8 Signs You Might Be A Former Collegiate Athlete

Even though I graduated from college before some of you were even born, this stuff is still as fresh as the morning rain. I wouldn’t change a thing, but trust me if you were a collegiate athlete, you know that the struggle is entirely real. 1.Good Enough Doesn’t Cut It – You cannot get through aContinue reading “8 Signs You Might Be A Former Collegiate Athlete”

Comparing Apples to Oranges

One of my coaches once told my parents: “Look, we aren’t comparing apples to apples here. We’re comparing apples to oranges.” You know what that meant? It meant I wasn’t one of the good kids. I wasn’t strong, naturally athletic nor was I very big. I wasn’t one of the apples. I was an orange. And oranges didn’tContinue reading “Comparing Apples to Oranges”

You Don’t Need Piano In the NFL

What does it take to change a sport? To change the way people do things or think? For athletes to have permission to be real and be honest? What will it take for club sports and parents and universities to train whole athletes? I’ve had this vision and passion since I graduated college that was intensifiedContinue reading “You Don’t Need Piano In the NFL”

Momentum is Shifty: Follow It.

  Volleyball is a game of momentum. We train. We perfect movements and skills. We condition. We believe. Still, a game is determined in large part by the shift in momentum and how we with those shifts – the loss of it and what to do when we get it back. For example, we wereContinue reading “Momentum is Shifty: Follow It.”