Sports. Life. It’s all such a wonderful cycle. There are no guarantees as to how it will end and there’s certainly no easy path or template, but if you stay in the game, stick with your program and never give up on your goals, you will find fulfillment (and maybe even a spot on that podium). 9Continue reading “9 THINGS YOU LEARN BEING A LIFETIME ATHLETE”

Staying Connected to Alumni Groups and Sports Programs After Graduation

Over the past five years or so, I’ve seen more live football games than I saw in my four years of college. You might think that’s weird for someone who went to school in the SEC (a hotbed for college football) but, alas, I was a collegiate athlete. A collegiate athlete who shared the same FallContinue reading “Staying Connected to Alumni Groups and Sports Programs After Graduation”

Through Tunnels and Over Mountains

There’s this stretch of mountainside road, a tunnel actually, that connects Switzerland and Italy. It’s the Great St. Bernard Tunnel (I know! How cute is that name?) and goes through the Swiss Alps and pops you out on the Italian side. Two lanes, one in each direction, with a very sketchy guard rail on one side that approaches the tunnel and solidContinue reading “Through Tunnels and Over Mountains”

The Conflict of Quitting and Why It’s Necessary

This past year, I was honored to be a contributor in a book for student-athletes, helping them transition into the work force after graduation. The book, “Post Moves,” by Angela Lewis was compiled from interviews with 15 former athletes who had successfully transitioned from their playing days into careers in various fields. Angela is also theContinue reading “The Conflict of Quitting and Why It’s Necessary”

Why Lifelong Deliberate Practice Matters

Is there any one thing you practice every day? Not a discipline, like morning quiet time or meditation or even exercise, but something you go out of your way to practice? Something you deliberately set time to work on in order to get better at? Your golf swing, calculus, memorizing data, learning a musical instrument or voice practice? I’mContinue reading “Why Lifelong Deliberate Practice Matters”

A Lesson In Chill From One of the Greats – Zeke Bratkowski

In 2006, I met Zeke Bratkowski. Bratkowski, who played for The University of Georgia in the early 1950’s, was a standout quarterback for the university who went on to play professionally for the Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers. He also served two years in the U.S. Air Force (while he was still with theContinue reading “A Lesson In Chill From One of the Greats – Zeke Bratkowski”

WE’RE FINE! (no, seriously) WE’RE FINE!

There’s a phenomenon in volleyball these days. The genesis is unknown, but if you watch any high school, club or college match you will hear one common thing said over and over again – “we’re fine.” It’s unclear when it changed from older versions of self-soothing, like, “my bad” or the rather demanding, albeit whiny, motivators of yoreContinue reading “WE’RE FINE! (no, seriously) WE’RE FINE!”

From Player to Coach: Understanding My Coaching Philosophy

CHAPTER 1 Mrs. Cockshutt was my first ever coach, well, she was actually my P.E. teacher. I was eight years old in the 4th grade and was beginning my year at a new school. Having skipped 3rd grade, I was a year and a half (if not two full years) younger than everyone else inContinue reading “From Player to Coach: Understanding My Coaching Philosophy”

Confessions of a Lifetime Athlete

So, I was going to say former athlete, but if you are anything like me, you know that once you are an athlete you’re always an athlete. Physical limitations and injuries may sideline us for a bit, but eventually we make our way back onto the field. It isn’t a perfect science (and I wish some of theseContinue reading “Confessions of a Lifetime Athlete”