WE’RE FINE! (no, seriously) WE’RE FINE!

There’s a phenomenon in volleyball these days. The genesis is unknown, but if you watch any high school, club or college match you will hear one common thing said over and over again – “we’re fine.” It’s unclear when it changed from older versions of self-soothing, like, “my bad” or the rather demanding, albeit whiny, motivators of yore “let’s gooo!!” or “come on you guuuuys!” but having listened to team after team speak the words “we’re fine,” one can only assume it going to be here a while. Here are just a few samples of when a player might use the term:

“Blocked every ball straight down…also netted every single time, but, WE’RE FINE. ”


“I just hammered a ball on the ten foot line (from my side and under the net) but I’M FINE, WE’RE FINE!”


“I just hit a ball so hard angle on my side that it travelled parallel across the bottom of the tape for at least five seconds, but, WE’RE FINE.”

“My coach told me to serve to area five, but I got an ace by serving area three instead, so WE’RE TOTALLY FINE.”

“The score is 8-22 in the third, we are down fourteen points and lost the first two sets, but, seriously, WE’RE FINE…no really, WE’RE TOTALLY FINE. LET’S KEEP SAYING IT TO EACH OTHER, OKAY?”

“You, you, you! No! Me, me, me. No, YOU! WE’RE FINE.”


“Totally got six packed by my own hit after it was blocked, don’t worry, I’M FINE…WE’RE FINE.”

“Up 23-8 but the other team just made a huge point run off our errors making it 23-22, but seriously guys…WE’RE FINE! One pass, WE’RE FINE!”


“Been tooled fifteen times by the same hitter and I haven’t fixed my blocking, but I’m fine. WE’RE FINE. EVERYONE’S FINE! (Especially that hitter, that hitter is TOTALLY FINE).”


I don’t know, it’s probably just me, but it seems as though whenever someone says “we’re fine” that they are not even remotely fine, but it’s all good, right? WE’RE FINE, right? Happy passing, setting, hitting, blocking and serving my friends! I love you all and this crazy sport and wouldn’t change a thing.

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Wife, mother, Christ follower.

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