Captain’s Log, Star Date: Day Nine

Riding the “TI-fighters” in the cul de sac

Back in the day, my brother and I used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. I know, right? But, we weren’t total nerds (those are called geeks), we were more like mild nerds (I think that’s just considered dorky). We definitely dabbled into nerd territory with Star Wars fare and a bit of Star Trek and so what if I played cops and robbers with my little brother until I was like fourteen. It’s not like I’ve ever been to ComiCon or anything like that.

But that’s not the point. The point is that on these Star Trek shows there was always someone (Jean Luc Picard, I believe for the Next Generation folk) narrating his galactic journal (Captain’s Log) and registering the “star date” for that particular voyage. So, in honor of my mild nerdiness (I am down-playing, but really I am a complete nerd- who else would write a “space” journal about her vacation?), here is a narration of day nine of my family vacation.

Day Nine: The natives are restless. We have allowed ourselves to slip so far off schedule that I can barely keep track of the hour. Coffee seems to brew at all hours of the day which means that I no longer can discern daytime from nighttime. The fog is thick. Yesterday, I coerced the small crew members on our daily field trip through the “drive thru Starbucks.” Sure, have a cake pop. On a related note, I have consumed so much sugar and starch, I might actually be a piece of bread by now. Last night I ate several bites of rice (in addition to a plate full of teryiaki steak and black beans – the locals call this dish a “Maui Bowl”). Bloating followed with a vengence.

The youngest crew member has discovered a shrill, high pitched tracking device on our journey. It appears that after trying various methods to stop the sound (milk, cheddar bunnies, small bites of turkey meat, Nick Jr., or picture books) there is in fact no “off” button. The “just a little bit bigger” crew member finds this sound amusing and counters it with an equally bone-chilling sound of his own. I call this sound “T-Rex on a sugar high.” Note, order more coffee. Maybe earplugs. Scratch that, gas up the car. Set course for home.

Although we have been weary on this journey, we always keep in mind why we venture forth out of our comfort zone. To boldy go where no family pretty much every other family has gone at some time or another. We venture forth for the good of mankind. It is imperative to be stretched beyond comfort at times and it is important to visit family we don’t get to see often. We venture forth for memories and stories we can tell later on in life. Like the time “we swam in Grammy’s pool with the dog (Cody)” or “the time we stayed in the “heltel” (hotel) with the cousins” or the time “we climbed up the treehouse and threw water balloons” or “the time we played TI-fighters in the cul de sac.”

And the time we got to see our little kids being snuggled by their Grammy and Papa. The time we got to see our not so little boy anymore take some bigger risks becuase his big cousins were there. The time I got to see my husband with his big brothers all lined up on the hotel couch just sitting around like they probably did a million times growing up and them not saying one word, but knowing that they were together was more than words could express.

Voyages are important. Voyages are a part of life. Voyages create character. And every time we take a trip we grow closer and stronger as a family and I believe that is worth every sleepless moment. Good thing I have this trusty space journal to remind me.

Now please, for the love would someone get me a cup of coffee!!!

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