The Rainbow Connection

teach them to grow and nurture
teach them to grow and nurture

I guess if there is anything I have learned day after day and week after week is that there needs to be a greater surrender to the family as a unit  and specifically my children if this whole thing is going to work over the years. That is not to say that I don’t take care of myself or my marriage, but there has to be a very real, very tangible surrender for me to create the type of relationship I want with my children. I have way more things that I would like to do in this lifetime, but most of them yield to raising my children – because you have one shot. One chance to mold them into kind people. One chance to fill them with love and let them know they are valuable, beautiful and smart. One chance to teach them the difference between right and wrong. To teach them kindness, humility and how to treat other people. If my kids never play sports, never excel in music or theatre arts, never paint one canvas, change one law, create new technologies or summit Everest but become kind, respectful, hard-working, God-fearing people who give back then I will feel that I have succeeded as a mother.

Do not lose sight of your purpose as a mom, we need you to invest in your children because they are the future.

(CLICK HERE) Rainbow Connection This article ran in Damsel Magazine in June of 2008.

Oh my, my favorite as a kid!!

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