Doesn’t Keep Me From Playing

Snap a pic and get back down the hill. Life is in the valley.
Snap a pic and get back down the hill. Life is in the valley.

I’m a little busted up right now.

Without going all Schleprock on you, I’ll just fill you in on a coupl’a things I’ve dealt with over the past three weeks:

Exhibit A – Broke nose in CrossFit Open workout 15.1 on a ground to overhead (pressing up not dropping the bar on myself). The involuntary snotting and crying did not stop me from getting up on the pull-up bar and eventually getting 177 reps, but having to explain to all the gawkers why the bridge of my nose is black and blue AND gold and white (take that stupid dress) is exhausting. For the record, it’s still bruised.

Exhibit B – Lost wallet. Maybe even threw it away. Good love, can you even?

Exhibit C – Received about two pages of edits and explanations for a 750 word write up. They wrote more edits than I wrote words. I crumpled over my desk and thought about crying, but then decided to eat a sandwich.

Exhibit D – Physical therapy is my new talk therapy. Instead of working through and processing my emotions, I get to work through and break up layers of fascia that are the texture of brick. My pecs, my adductors, my IT band, my crooked hips and my t-spine are all kind of ticked off at me. I did not know any of those things existed a year ago. They’ve been introducing themselves one by one of late.

So, none of that is really a big deal and I’ve dealt with much worse and I know others who are waging battles way bigger than this measly stuff, but it reminds me that the game is hard. Sometimes this whole life thing is really hard.

Being a parent, getting older, working from home with your kids on Spring Break – none of it was meant to be easy, right?

You gotta keep moving.

You get up the hill.

You take those mountain top experiences and you snap a pic.

Then you start back down the hill.

We aren’t meant to live at the top of Everest. We would die if we stayed up there too long.

Take in the view, revel in the magnificence and pat yourself on the back for your work.

Then head back down the hill.

Life is lived in the valley. The good stuff is in the valley. No, I mean it.

We put one foot in front of the other and before we know it we’ve created a life.

Just by staying in the game.

Sometimes I think the game is hard and sometimes it is.

Doesn’t keep me from playing.

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