You Already Know

You already know.
You already know.


“Knowing what’s right most of the time for most people is easy. Executing what’s right, now that’s difficult…” Coach Andy Landers

We do.

Know what’s right, that is.

Whether we are adults or children, most of the time we already know if something is right or wrong before we do it. Executing what is right is the more difficult part.

It’s that tugging inside in that split second it takes to say “yes” or “no.”

Or it’s the weeks and weeks of agonizing before finally answering the question.

Could be something harmful to you or someone else, or it could be as simple as eating that entire plate of nachos, jalapenos and all (my Monday night’s regret – I knew it was wrong, did it anyway).

I mean, we want to say “yes” to everything because we don’t want to let someone down even though we know we are over committed and stretched too thin. Or, maybe we want to say “no” to everything because we want to shut people out or isolate, we don’t want to do the work of connecting or building relationship – it’s too hard.

Maybe we want to stay in the relationship because there are no other prospects even though we know toxic things are harmful.

Maybe we are the toxic one and fear breaking down our walls. The right way is harder.

It requires much.

Maybe we want to fudge a little here or a little there on financial situations and maybe we aren’t 100% about a certain rule, so we pretend we are confused as to where the line is drawn instead of asking for clarification.

It’s easier to play dumb.

I know first hand, we had a little of this in our house this week. One incident with my kid. One incident with my husband. Once incident with me.

In all instances, we knew what was right but did not execute what was right.


Was it worth the trouble of getting caught and dealing with consequences? Was it worth the approval of others? Was it worth the easy way out?

Never is.

Even when it’s the tougher decision.

And when I am presented with a decision in which I already know the answer, I need to execute that decision with the integrity I possess, the integrity I want to keep.

Because I already know.

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