My Writing Mama

This article ran in Damsel Magazine in June of 2008, just six months after my son was born. As a new mommy, I had the surprise of my life. Really, nothing prepares you for a child and yet, along the way you hit your stride and things are just as they should be. This piece will always be important to me.

If you have ever read my entry on post-partum depression and anxiety, you will know how much this post means to me. I am so grateful that I fell so hard (both in love with my son and on my face in prayer) during my son’s first year. He and his sissy are the most amazing blessings that continue to teach and refine me as a mother, wife and as a person. My lovely friend, Luann , was my editor at the time and she gave me the wings I needed to fly to become a writer – she’s my writing mama – and gave me my start in print which I promptly loved and became infatuated with.

There have been more inspirational people and mentors along the way as I have grown and changed as a writer, but none with more impact than my children. Enjoy (and no that is not my kid. It’s stock photography, baby).

YOU HAVE TO CLICK THE LINK FOR THE FULL ARTICLE (unless you can read it here, which in that case, you are awesome) ——> Rainbow Connection


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