Life Lessons Through Sports

Objects In Mirror*

As a little girl, I used to occasionally catch glimpses of my mother’s morning beauty routine. She might be looking here or there for some part of her wardrobe like those shoes or that necklace. Her hair adorned with neat… Read More ›


This article  originally ran on the Triune on November 12, 2013.     “We just don’t like you. No reason. We just don’t” ~ Mean kid, Any City, USA My former supervisor used to have this analogy about a kangaroo. He… Read More ›

You Got This

In 1988, I watched the men’s US volleyball team defeat Russia to win gold at the Seoul Olympics. I remember that game so vividly. By ’88 I had been playing volleyball for about five years and although I loved the… Read More ›

Do Good Things

“Do good things.” Last Friday I stood before a group of young athletes from my alma mater and was asked if I had any words of wisdom, inspiration or advice for their time as student-athletes. They were me twenty, ahem nineteen, years ago. I remember… Read More ›