Get That Cake Outta My Face!

Look people, I am not really going to slap anyone’s birthday cake out of their hands… But if I did, I would probably be good at it. No, like really good at it. I’m serious. Okay, I might actually try it. But seriously ever since my daughter had her first reaction to a peanut butterContinue reading “Get That Cake Outta My Face!”

The Tyler Effect

So, I have been witness to something in my family called the “Tyler Effect.” Tyler, as in Steven Tyler, as in front man for Aerosmith…the band. How old am I anyway!? Really, the effect isn’t in my family, it is something I have noticed primarily where my son is concerned. I need to back thisContinue reading “The Tyler Effect”

Shhteppa Time

Wednesday. Whatever. No, not whatever. If there ever was a day that was to be ridiculously ordinary, today would have been that day. But since I am me, nothing ever is completely ordinary. It looks that way from the outside. Get ready, get kids ready, get preschooler ready for school and out the door, hangContinue reading “Shhteppa Time”