Get That Cake Outta My Face!

Look people, I am not really going to slap anyone’s birthday cake out of their hands… But if I did, I would probably be good at it. No, like really good at it. I’m serious. Okay, I might actually try it. But seriously ever since my daughter had her first reaction to a peanut butterContinue reading “Get That Cake Outta My Face!”

The Tyler Effect

So, I have been witness to something in my family called the “Tyler Effect.” Tyler, as in Steven Tyler, as in front man for Aerosmith…the band. How old am I anyway!? Really, the effect isn’t in my family, it is something I have noticed primarily where my son is concerned. I need to back thisContinue reading “The Tyler Effect”

Ain’t Nobody Got Time

I do not have time to wander through Anthropologie for three hours searching for the perfect soft tee or empire waist dress or whimsical journal. I do not have time to spend ten minutes picking out my favorite cardigan to wear to the bookstore and then spend two hours sipping on tea and losing myselfContinue reading “Ain’t Nobody Got Time”

Shhteppa Time

Wednesday. Whatever. No, not whatever. If there ever was a day that was to be ridiculously ordinary, today would have been that day. But since I am me, nothing ever is completely ordinary. It looks that way from the outside. Get ready, get kids ready, get preschooler ready for school and out the door, hangContinue reading “Shhteppa Time”